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Disney Perfect Eyes Trio (Trident Tip +Brow Pencil + Eyeshadow) - Mulan

Happy Skin
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The Disney | Happy Skin Collection reintroduces your favorite princesses in a way you've never seen them before—they shed their gowns & crowns for a new comfy wardrobe!

No longer just waiting for things to happen, princesses can take action and make a difference, too!

Find your inner warrior and conquer makeup for brows & lids with the Disney | Happy Skin Perfect Eyes Trio. This innovative, time-saving pen features a three-prong trident felt-tip which mimics brow hairs for a natural finish, an angled brow pencil to fill in gaps and create perfect arches, and an easy-to-use matte eyeshadow that suits all skin tones. The ultra long-lasting formula is smudge-proof and sweat-proof, too!

This trio features skin-caring ingredients Vitamin B5 to keep skin beneath brows moisturized, while Vitamin E nourishes skin on the delicate lids and strengthens brow strands, too.

Disney Perfect Eyes Trio (Trident Tip +Brow Pencil + Eyeshadow) - Mulan


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