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Papaya Turmeric Perfume Whitening Lotion 500ml

A Bonne
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This lotion instantly boosts moisture, skin tone and scent attraction. Plus helps protect from UV rays. Full of highly nutritious active ingredients, Papaya extract, Turmeric extract, and Arbutin give whitening and healthier-looking skin.

Papaya extract encourages skin cells turnover with no irritations to reveal a smoother more radiant complexion, and diminishes wrinkles.

Turmeric extract A potent antioxidants brighten discolouration, soothe inflamed skin and fight blemishes.

  • 0% Alcohol
  • 0% Paraben
  • 0% Sticky feel
How to use: Apply over clean, damp the whole body skin,daily or whenever nourishment is needed.


Papaya Turmeric Perfume Whitening Lotion 500ml


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