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Glow Potion Toner

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Adorn Glow Potion Toner helps your skin keep clean all day long - as it removes dirt and particles that can cause skin problems and irritations. It also regenerates your skin cells and exfoliates the skin surface. With the help of antioxidants and revitalizing ingredients, this toner can also fade dark spots, treat acne and minimize pores. It is alcohol-free and hypoallergenic too.

How to use: Cleanse your face using warm water to remove dirt or makeup. Dry your face using a clean towel to ready for absorbing toner. Pour some Adorn Glow Potion Toner on a clean cotton pad/ball. Gently wipe the cotton pad with toner around your face and neck. Once done, you can apply the Adorn Glow Potion Serum to maximize skin health and wellness.



Glow Potion Toner


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