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Daydream Dual Blush Palette Powder -Glow and Matte Powder

blk cosmetics
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blk’s new Daydream collection is a modern twist on our younger selves’ ballerina daydreams, where the soft-focus look takes center stage. Your makeup is getting plus pointes with our OG feels-like-nothing formula, this time with sophisticated shades and easy-to-use innovations.

We have our eyes set on our first drop—three new eye tools that we upgraded with new makeup technologies and dual-purpose functions, setting the stage for real, uncomplicated beauty.

The choice is yours to look anywhere from off-duty to performance-ready. When you want to feel good for your day-to-day—we’ll get you there in 5, 6, 7, 8~

Your blush, your way. We put together two blush powders—a shimmer and a matte finish—in one compact so you can customize your own unique glow. Get a monochromatic radiant look by using the matte powder as your base, then layering the shimmer to brighten. Both powders work seamlessly for a natural, soft-focus flush on the cheeks, creating a glow that lifts the entire face.

Your Routine, Uncomplicated

  • Multi-functional: blend the powders together for instant radiance or use them on their own as a blush base or as a blush topper
  • Customizable: use as much or as little of the two pigmented powders to create a shade that’s unique to you
  • Natural effect: our superfine, silky powder formula goes so well with the skin—no creasing and zero fallout

Why We Love It

It’s our go-to powder duo to give us that extra glow and a pop of color for whatever look we want to achieve

How to Use: Smile to bring out the apples of your cheeks, then use a blush brush to apply the matte powder on the area. For an even more natural-looking finish, blend in the shimmer powder, this time applying upward toward your temples in a “C” motion. This creates a more dimensional, lifted effect.

Daydream Dual Blush Palette Powder -Glow and Matte Powder


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