Holy Grail Brow Gel Laminator

Happy Skin
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The Holy Grail Brow Gel Laminator is a multi-purpose brow product that helps you create any brow look you desire, from naturally lush to prominently sleek. One side is a soft wax-gel hybrid that adheres to hairs to tint, define, and keep them in place, while the other has two types of brush for lifting and shaping. Use them in any combination to achieve groomed eyebrows or to easily touch up throughout the day.

HAPPY SKIN SAYS: Peptides nourish strands to promote soft, plush brows, while Niacinamide moisturizes the surrounding area to keep it flake- and itch-free. Caffeine stimulates strands to encourage hair growth   

HOW TO USE: Groom bare brows with the wide-tooth comb by brushing up and out. Next, apply the gel using light outward strokes. Lastly, use the stiff brush to distribute color, define the shape, and set the product.


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