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Kera Glow Shampoo

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K Beaute Kera Glow Shampoo - Hair so smooth and silky it glows

Kera Glow shampoo contains:
☑️ Argan Oil - Deeply hydrates hair making it silky smooth, helps restore hair elasticity, minimizes frizz, and moisturizes dry scalp.
☑️ Aloe Vera - Infuses hair with shine and strength.
☑️ Chameleon Plant - Enforces further hair smoothening by revitalizing it and reducing frizz and curls.
☑️ Caterpillar Fungus - Promotes hair growth and boosts nutrition absorption of the hair.
☑️ Japanese Cornellian Cherry - Promotes clean and germ-free hair and scalp with its antibacterial properties.
☑️ False Daisy Flower - Prevents hair loss and gray hair, and it keeps hair dandruff-free.
☑️ Walnut - Hydrates your scalp and follicles which helps give you naturally shiny hair.
☑️ Honeysuckle Flower - Nourishes hair to help prevent dryness, brittle hair, and split ends.
☑️ Pine Needle Leaf - Treats hair loss and thinning hair; and helps promote hair growth and strength.
☑️ Peach Leaf - Stimulates skin and hair repair, soothes inflammation, and calms sensitive skin to help balance oil production in the hair and scalp.

All Other Benefits of KeraGlow:

Argan Oil + Aloe Vera
Silky Smooth Hair
Hair Softening
Strengthens Hair
Gives Shiny Hair
Moistures Dry Scalp
Minimizes Frizzy Hair
Restores Hair Elasticity
Anti-Head Lice
Long-lasting Fresh Scent


Kera Glow Shampoo


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