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Slimming-K Cuculemon Juice 10 Sachets

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SLIMMING-K CUCULEMON JUICE - Blend Multi Collagen Peptide

Slimming-K Cuculemon can boost your metabolism and promote satiety, thereby aiding weight loss, drinking cuculemon can help you burn belly fat fast
• Glutathione
• Collagen I,II,III,IV,V - 100,000mg Collagen
• Marine Collagen Peptide
• Bovine Collagen Peptide
• Chicken Collagen Peptide

Benefits of drinking Slimming-K Cuculemon Juice
• Boost your metabolism
• Promote satiety
• Burn belly fat fast
• Improve skin health
• Promote collagen product

1. Empty the content of (1) sachet into a cup
2. Add 250ml cold water.
3. Stir well and enjoy every sip!

Contains 10 sachets x 18g per box

Slimming-K Cuculemon Juice 10 Sachets


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